Boris Lozhkin on ADL summit: The continuation and strengthening of assistance is what is extremely important for Ukraine now

Boris Lozhkin
2 min readNov 11, 2022

This should never have happened. We have believed it would not happen for the past 80 years. However today, in the third decade of the 21st century, we say: Never is now.

Now, in our days, the ideologists and propagandists of the Russian regime are competing with each other in calling for the drowning, burning and killing of all Ukrainians. These are not just words: Russia is killing.

What is this if it is not genocide? The genocide of a political nation, when citizens of an entire country are denied the right to exist just because they love it.

There are many Jews among the victims of the war unleashed by Russia against Ukraine. It is difficult to say now how many: hundreds or thousands. Each new liberated Ukrainian settlement reveals us a new Bucha, a new Borodianka, a new Izium.

The continuation and strengthening of assistance from the entire civilized world is what is extremely important for us now. From the US, we expect bipartisan and two chamber support from Congress. From Israel — military aid. From the Jews of the whole world — maximum unity around Ukraine.

It’s not only us that need it. Everyone needs this to defeat the aggressor who decided to return the world 80 years ago, to the time of hatred that should never have happened again.

In New York, at the Never is Now summit organized by the Anti-Defamation League, I called on the Jewish elite of the world to strengthen support for Ukraine.



Boris Lozhkin

President of the Jewish Confederation of Ukraine and Vice-President of the World Jewish Congress.